Saturday, May 7, 2011


Believe me when I said with horror, "I haven't posted since MONDAY?!?!"

I didn't realize so much time passed!

But I've been keeping busy! I've been taking lots and lots of pictures. During this week, I have become obsessed with a certain type of pictures.

Can you guess what type?

And if you can't guess the genre, take a gander at some of the below pictures. :)

(Pssst, if you haven't guessed by now, it's black and white pictures! :D )

My poor rose that's faded now... but still smells sweet!

We took Peter to Lowe's for their Build and Grow program.  He had a great time hammering and building Mom a special Mother's Day gift!

Look at how intense he was!

Almost done! (I asked him to smile for the camera. I think he has the words "smile" and "wink" mixed up. I love it!)

All done!

A Day at the Mall with Katherine!

We had a ton of fun!

Ok, I did take a *few* pictures in color... :)
You're so pretty - inside and out. :)

Rockin' out her sunglasses!

Thanks for spending the day with me! We have to do it again soon!

And that, my fellow readers/viewers, is the end of the chain of "noir et blanc" pictures of this week.
Have a great weekend!

Chrissy <><

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