Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Club - Black and White Day

I can't believe we only have one photo club meeting left in this year! I had a great time at our latest club meeting this past Saturday. Our assignment was to take "black and white" pictures. I got a lot of pictures that  I love in black and white, but I have to admit that there are a few pictures in this post that I couldn't bare to turn into B&W. It was a good learning experience though, to try to see the world around you without color.

Kristy was my unofficial model for the day!


Love this shot!



~The Threesome~



                                                                                   More Hunger Games!!!

I think this is my favorite shot of Kristy that day


Can you see what it says?

There was even a wedding going on at the park!

I'll end with my favorite shot of the day - even if it's not in black and white! 

Chrissy <><

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Spell a word using your body as the letters

Yesterday I was able to participate in a Photo Scavenger Hunt! I had a great time with my team (Andy, Micah, and Emily) and I love the shots we got. We didn't win, but I'd venture to say that we got some of the best pictures out of the entire group. ;-)

Create a human pyramid  

Reflection of sun off the water

Just a picture I like :)

 The Number 3 - Oh yeah, did we get creative or what?! :)

Bird of Paradise

       Koi                                                                            Person Riding a Bike

Fast Food

A sign that says Coming Soon

A leaf that looks like something else - Yoda!!!

Birds Fighting #1                                                              A whirlpool we found....


Birds Fighting #2 - photo idea credit: Elijah C.

And my favorite shot of my team:

Chrissy <><

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sparkie Hike!

I went on a Sparkie Hike this past weekend and had a blast! Although the sun was a bit hot, the coolness of the waterfall relieved us. It relieved me a little more than I would have liked - I ended up falling in and getting pretty wet. :{
Took lots of pictures! Enjoy!

Luke the great explorer 

Isn't the view amazing??

Becca                                                                         .....and Geoff!

We made it to the waterfall!


A few snaps of Alana

We found a snake! The brave lady picked it up so that everyone could see. I zoomed in for a closer look - with my camera lens only.

The kids were enraptured though...

Watch out!!!

God's beauty always astounds me. 

Chrissy <><
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