Sunday, June 8, 2014


Gahhhh, I love this girl! Before I headed out of Virginia, I was able to snap a few more pictures of her during the beautiful (yet humid) afternoon. Not only is she incredibly photogenic, but she's an awesome person to boot. Miss ya!

See? Cuteness. ;-)

And we make incredibly attractive faces too. :)

Have a great summer Katie!

Chrissy <><

Friday, June 6, 2014

JC and Taylor

Joyful Laughter.

Those would be the words I would use to describe JC and Taylor's wedding on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday afternoon in May. From the moment I stepped into the room where the bubbly bride sat until the last wave as the car pulled away from the reception, everyone was cheerful and overflowing with smiles. 

Congratulations, JC and Tay! Blessings upon your marriage and may He bless you all of your days together.


The Bride and all her lovely ladies!

He's excited!

Game Plan



So lovely....

Praying before going in

And he saw her....


Mr. and Mrs.!

Like I said earlier, so much joyful laughter. :)


Then we carted off to get more pictures!

Because why not on your wedding day?

Then there were speeches

and toasts

the beautiful cake was cut

and craziness was had. :) 

 But it was soon time for them to depart

And they were off!

Congratulations again, you two. God Bless.

All photos by Christine Roe, Ryan McDonald, and Betsy Reich

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