Thursday, July 23, 2015

Christina | Senior

This girl is a gem. Every time I've seen her over the past five years, I've been greeted with a smile, a hug, and uplifting conversation. Christina's beauty shines inside and out and it really showed during her Senior Session! I had an absolutely wonderful time taking her pictures on a beautiful sunny evening - she was the perfect model. Congratulations on reaching your senior year, Christina!

She also has Rapunzel's hair. STUNNING.

So beautiful...

This light. This light was perfection. Her hair was perfection. Everything was perfection! :D

Yours Truly!

Congratulations again, Christina! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

Friday, July 17, 2015

The L. Family Session

Two years have flown by since I last saw and photographed this family, and they have only grown more awesome and photogenic since then! When I arrived, I wondered if the younger kids would be interested in posing and smiling for the camera. However, that was soon answered when I looked through my viewfinder and saw eight sunny smiles - the baby wasn't that aware of what was going on - and those smiles never faded throughout the entire shoot. :) 

Thank you L. Family for hiring me to capture your family!! It was a blast.


Yours Truly!

Thank you again, L. Family. God Bless.

Chrissy <><

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Beautiful Mother

Magnificent. Outstanding. Marvelous. My Mom! :D 

So my mother has done quite a lot for me in my life, and I figured just celebrating all of her accomplishments on Mother's Day alone wasn't enough. So here's to a gorgeous woman who has raised me,

taught me how to stand tall,

taught me how to laugh at my mistakes,

taught me how to pose for photos (came in handy!),

taught me how to be strong,

taught me how to laugh,

and taught me how to love.

I love you Mom. <3 p="">

Chrissy <><
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