Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tim and Keaghan | Married!

If I had to think of a single word to describe Tim and Keaghan's wedding, it would be the word Perfection. The venues were amazing, joy was abounding, the flowers were astounding, the food was appetizing, and the couple was stunning. I was impressed at the amount of hard work and thought that went into this wedding - and I was so honored to be a part of it. (Not to mention that I had a ton of fun in the process!)

Congratulations Tim and Keaghan. I thoroughly enjoyed being your photographer and I absolutely love being your friend. :)


I told them to laugh...

Fun guys. :)

The Dashing Groom

He was so so happy.

The girls getting ready!

BEAUTIFUL dress. I was in love. 

Putting the dress on... :)

Keaghan opted for a bridesmaids' first look. None of them had seen the dress before.

And their reactions were perfect. :)

Father's First Look

Beautiful Girls


 Then they decided to do the most AWESOME THING EVER and have a pseudo first look!!! It was so so so much fun to capture. :)

The Ceremony

He waited

And she arrived. 

They were married!! 


The maid of honor helping the bride, and the best man.... helping the groom....

<3 p="">

Keaghan just took my breath away...

The Reception

Can you tell they like coffee? :)

The espresso challenge

Some didn't like it so much.

A very awesome team of ladies!

Their first dance was a swing dance. I LOVE THESE TWO!

But soon it was time to leave.

Congratulations again, Tim and Keaghan. May God bless you both as He leads you through the rest of your lives together. 

Chrissy <><

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