Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Spell a word using your body as the letters

Yesterday I was able to participate in a Photo Scavenger Hunt! I had a great time with my team (Andy, Micah, and Emily) and I love the shots we got. We didn't win, but I'd venture to say that we got some of the best pictures out of the entire group. ;-)

Create a human pyramid  

Reflection of sun off the water

Just a picture I like :)

 The Number 3 - Oh yeah, did we get creative or what?! :)

Bird of Paradise

       Koi                                                                            Person Riding a Bike

Fast Food

A sign that says Coming Soon

A leaf that looks like something else - Yoda!!!

Birds Fighting #1                                                              A whirlpool we found....


Birds Fighting #2 - photo idea credit: Elijah C.

And my favorite shot of my team:

Chrissy <><

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