Wednesday, May 18, 2011

History Fair

Sunshine, a light breeze, my camera. It was a perfect day.

We were walking down the park path when we saw

We kept on walking..

We made it! Heritage put on a marvelous CA History Fair chalked full of activities and wonderful things to do - and to eat! Peter had a fantastic time, although he spent most of the afternoon chasing ping pong balls and throwing them into the air...

There were intense Checker games

Mining for gold!

The "brand new" invention named the telegraph!

I'm not sure what these were... but they were very colorful!

You could also get your hair wrapped at the "Super Hair Salon"

Learn new Chinese games

And rope cattle!

Play horseshoes

Ride tree-trunks horses

And make some sort of Indian communication thing. It was actually pretty awesome when the kids got them to work!

Part of the marvelous food. Peter loved it.

I think the most popular activity was this event.  I'm not sure what it was called. They aren't bows and arrows, but they're close.

Kids of all ages loved this game

Pedro Peter wishes you a happy day!

Chrissy <><


Katy said...

Hi! On my blog I'm going to be publishing guest posts once a month. I would love to have you enter one of your posts. If you're interested, the form is on my sidebar and I would be happy to answer any questions!

Ashley said...

this is such a fun idea!!!! and great pictures!

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