Monday, May 30, 2011

365 Challenge: Days 143-149

Friend, the Lord prefers common-looking people.
That is the reason he makes so many of them.
                                     -Abraham Lincoln

Although that quote has nothing to do with the 365 Day Challenge, I decided to post it anyway. :-) I love random quotes, so be on the lookout for them here and there!

Here are days 143-149! Enjoy!

Not a very interesting picture, but does anyone recognize what the object is? (And what it will be used for?)


More English...

Peter after a fun-filled afternoon with older brother. I guess he had fun?

Almost missed taking a picture this day!  I was about to crawl into bed when I saw my camera on my desk. The water bottle was handy, so voila!

Peter now knows how to pedal a bike! Yippee!

Only for a season our partings are, nor shall we wait in vain, Until we meet again!

Chrissy <><

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