Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here it is!

(I was a little bit disappointed though becuase I found out I take better pictures *without* gloves on)

2010 Senior Spring Soiree!!!

We went to a park before the actual event to take some pictures, and we went in a LIMO!

At the park

We all loved Shane's outfit!

I'm afraid I don't know how to do the "Princess Wave"

We had a SPLENDID evening (I wasn't allowed to take my camera in, but the evening was fantastic!) and I cannot wait until next year. Congrats class of 2010!!!

Chrissy <><


Kade said...

Soo, what's a soiree, and how did YOU get there?

Christine said...

Lol, A Soiree's a "Formal Party", and it's where 10th-12th Graders from my school get together at an AWESOME fancy place and just have a formal party! We also celebrate the Seniors, and there's dancing, dinner, games... it's awesome. Oh, I got there in a Limo. :)

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hey Chrissy,
Just passing by tonight and noticed all the new pics. As parents usually say "you guys clean up nice". Very elegant looking group...lots of fun.
Wishing you a wonderful Easter with your family and friends, john

Shane J. N. M. said...

Yes it was a wonderful evening. Personally, I love wearing a top hat, and that's good because I think it suits me. Of course, your pictures tend to capture the best of people... Well either way, I still like wearing it.

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