Saturday, May 22, 2010

Number Challenge

I have a new Challenge!!!

After learning my numbers in French from Rosetta Stone and seeing the pretty pictures they had with each number, I wanted to take a picture of every number up to a thousand!!!

Well... maybe not THAT many, but at least until I get tired of taking pictures (watch out, this may go on for quite a while!).

I won't be posting every picture of every number I find after 30 or so, but I'll only post pictures of cute, pretty, or unique numbers. If you have any special number requests, comment and let me know! :)

So here are numbers 1-5. You won't believe how much time it took to find numbers apart from each other! 


Chrissy <><


Anonymous said...

I know how difficult it is, but I would be ecstatic if you could find the number 11,119,525 or 1,132,518. In fact, I’ll give you a prize if you do. - Shane

Christine said...

Ok! That's a tall order... I'll do my best. I think I will try to find a bunch of number blocks or something. :)

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