Friday, May 7, 2010

Girls and Glass

I was helping out at a fundriaser/garage sale for a little bit today, and I was able to take pictures! There was this one big mirror that the wind knocked over and cracked the glass. I was sorry to see a good mirror break, but the cracks in the glass made my photography bug take off! :)





The girls were willing to pose for me...











Then Christy and I did a little impromptu photoshoot. (Thank you so much!)

I think this one is my favorite of Christy.




More pictures from the garage sale comin' up!

Chrissy <><


Anonymous said...

Great photos! My favorite pics are #1,2,6,9,16 & 17.

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hey Chrissy,

Photo # 16...nicely done.

Hope you are having a great Mother's Day with your mom. My daughter Ashley and son-in-law Justin from Toronto were just here for a weekend visit. She was showing me her new toy...a Nikon D300s. She says she needs it for a commercial photography course she will be taking in the fall....says she is now using "Lightroom" software...I am sure you have heard of it. This past week they have had a television crew filming a kitchen renovation in their house for fall broadcast. They are busy bees.
Cheers, john

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