Sunday, May 2, 2010

4/30/2010 Photoshoot Part 2

Erik and Emma. I love those two! We went to the same location as we took my niece, and I loved how all of the photos turned out. :)

And what would be a photoshoot without outtakes? :)


And can you guess what movie we "took" this sequence from for these 4 pictures?


I love you guys! May God bless you.

Chrissy <><


Kade said...

sound o music?

Nikki said...

Love # 1 & 11... great job with the sunlight!

Christine said...

Nikki - Thank you!

Kade - You guessed it! :)

GlobeMasterOne said...


Photos 3 & 4 and the last one...GOLD STARS for you. Lots of love there.

But Chrissy...I am a little concerned that Emma is able to pull THE TREE over more than Erik....more Wheaties Erik. Girls rule Emma!

Take care all.

GlobeMasterOne said...

One last thing. The "shoes" shot is a GREAT contest entry.

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