Monday, June 11, 2012


Liberated. Done. Finished. Over. Old. 

How ever you put it, I completed my High School Education last week. 


It's a weird feeling knowing that I've finished my schooling experience at home. I couldn't have asked for better schooling then the one I received. The past four years especially have been fantabulous and full to the brim of wonderfulness. 

When I awoke Graduation day, a dismal, cloudy sky greeted me...

But it soon dissolved into a beautiful sunny day - perfectly matching my sunshiny spirit and hopes for the day!

Isn't our Class Banner lovely? 

Had a good time at the Senior Luncheon

Then the night arrived. 

I was so busy running around (and graduating and everything) that I wasn't able to take any pictures myself. But thankfully Mom, Aunty Chris, and Mr. M were able to take pictures for me.

Before the ceremony...

Sang in the choir.

Photo by Aunty Chris
Had the Student Council presentation. I love all of these guys so much!!

Photo by Aunty Chris 
Going to miss you guys!

Gave a Senior Presentation - don't have any pictures of that though. Can you guess what kind of a slideshow I had? :)

Walked down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance."  
Photo by Mr. M

Mom and Dad presented my Diploma 
Photo by Aunty Chris

Photo by Mr. M

The Class of 2012!! 
Photo by Aunty Chris

Giving a little speech... 

Photos by Aunty Chris

Turned my tassel, and walked off the stage... and I was DONE!!!

Audrey caught me flying/leaping/prancing down the aisle as a TPCS Graduate

Good Friends~

My lovely mother and I 

Twas a very very good night. Looking forward to the next chapter this fall: College.

Chrissy <><

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