Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photography Club - Meeting #2

We had our second meeting today! We had a great time roaming around the beach and snapping pictures of all the details and other members.

Enjoy the pictures!

Two beautiful girls


In action!






She was shipwrecked... all alone...starving....

Nothing to eat but seaweed....

Love this shot!

The lighting for these next three pictures was simply amazing!!!

Drumroll.... let's hear it for the OUTTAKES!


The statue of Liberty?


I cannot wait until the next meeting!!!

Chrissy <><


Kade said...

Haha, these were great!

Zeke said...

amazing pics Christine!

krissy said...

amazing pics christine! i love the on of me and michaela and all the pics of chris specially the one of him jumping in the air!! awesome job

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