Saturday, October 8, 2011

Washington D.C.

The moment I stepped out of the airport into the chilly morning air, I could just feel the "American-ness" surround and engulf me. I had the wonderful privilege of flying out to Washington D.C. for a short trip and had a blast! My group got to visit the Supreme Court, the White House, the Capitol, the National Mall, the monuments, and so much more.
We had a *delightful* time.

The clouds there are wonderful....

Tyler looking... austere...

These three girls were just one big ball of excitement. It was so fun watching them interact!

Madison                                                                              Courtney

The Metro Station. We walked EVERYWHERE!!! I think I might be back in shape for basketball now....

One of the main reasons I love this picture is becuase I held my camera over my head, aimed in the general direction of the group, and snapped a picture. I was estatic to find out that it focused on Brianna - who is looking at the camera!

Travis's expression when we were acting a little silly

Downtown D.C.

We walked around the National Mall at 11p.m.

 Our group!

The Lincoln Memorial

                                                                                       Washington Monument Bokeh!

The next day we went to the Supreme Court!


Aren't these berries weird? They reminded us of Robin's eggs - at Easter

We went to Georgetown later that evening. It was such a quaint, lovely neighborhood!

Dara                                                                                         Erika

A collage of some of the doors around there

~It was a great trip~

Chrissy <><

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Chris Rivera said...

Great photos Christine!

Don't you just LOVE D.C. at night!!! It's so awesome there!

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