Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photography Club - The Mall

Our last photo club meeting of 2011! We spent it at the mall snapping pictures of the Christmas Decor. The mall was filled with wreaths, lights, trees, and PEOPLE. It was a nightmare trying to find a parking space...




Our Alumnus has returned! :)


Mmmmm...hummaddj.... CANDY!


Inside the Christmas Tree...

We walked into Nordstroms, and I told Chris, "Sit on the red carpet!!!" He did.

There's a surprise hidden in these two pictures - do you know what it is? If ya do, shout it out in a comment!



My favorite outtake of the day - it looks like I'm patting his head!



The Photography Club and I would like to wish you all a very 

Chrissy <><


mary ann said...

Cool pictures! hmm...did you get a new camera? or a new lens?

Chris Rivera said...

Christine... as always... I LOVE the jumping photos of MOI!! And I like that one of me with my back to the sun, that looks pretty cool!!

Kristy Chandler said...

I Love them!!!

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