Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'm afraid I've lapsed into the "oh I'll post when I have pictures" mode - and I'm trying as hard as I can to snap out of it! 

The past few days have been filled with Senior "stuff" and excitement. I'm *ready* to graduate and enjoy a school-free summer before heading to College in the fall. So these next two weeks are going to be jam-packed with activities, and I will try my hardest to find time to post pictures to document - even if the posts are only filled with a few pictures.

I had my baccalaureate this Sunday and my friends showed up to support me! It was great!

Me - bejeweled. 

We headed to Carl's Jr. afterwards and had a BLAST. I love these girls~

All my cords. Have to say my favorite is the black one - the one I worked the hardest for.

We surprised David this morning for a birthday kidnapping! Stephen brought along an air horn to wake David up with... the reaction was quite hilarious. :) Happy 17th David!

Those are the highlights of the past few days! 
14 more until high school's over...

Chrissy <><

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