Monday, May 14, 2012

End of the Year Party

It was a perfect day for the Student Council end of the year party. No, really! It was a **perfect** day. The sky was a brilliant blue, the breeze was relaxing and whimsical, the temperature was balmy, and the company was amazing. I'm going to miss working with these amazing people, they truly made my Senior year memorable and chalked full of good times.

Caught Maddie in half-sip. :)

Yummmmmmmy food!

The view from an ant's perspective.

Or a gopher's...

We goofed off. A lot. Like, A LOT. Twas quite fun!!

Face palm - or palm face?

Went for a lovely hike - or dash as we had to make it to the top of the hill in three minutes!  
              A flag                                                              Next year's leaders... oh boy!

The view

Love these guys so much!

Chrissy <><

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