Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Contest!

I L.O.V.E. Photo Contests.
Especially when the theme is "Portraits"!!!

Polka Dot over at (life is too short not to) wear red shoes is hosting her own portrait photo contest.

Since two pictures were allowed, I chose the maximum. ;)

One of my favorite pictures of Ruth from our session together.  She's so classy and I love her hat and shawl!

Another of my favorite portrait pictures from one of my sessions is of Abby Sunderland! I love Abby, she's so cheerful, happy, and exciting. This picture makes me smile and laugh. :)

You can check out more portraits by clicking the button!


Chrissy <><


Missouri's Lilac said...

The first photo is wonderful. I love the red scarf. It adds such a wonderful pop.

Candace McClintick said...

I love the lighting on the second one and your banner is awesome!

elizabeth said...

great entries - especially love the first one

Melody said...

I just found your blog through this contest, and I love your work! I added myself as your newest follower, and would love if you checked out my blog as well.


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