Monday, August 16, 2010


It's Fair Time! I entered a lot of pictures and a sketch into my county's fair. I won plenty of ribbons, and I am very thankful. The judging on my pictures at the fair was my "Final Exam" for my self-taught Photography class. Based on the fact that all of the photos I entered minus three won ribbons, I think I did pretty well this year in my class. :)

Lucille Ball - 1st Place

Here are all the photographs I entered:

"Young Woman in Thought" - 3rd Place

"Retro Picture with Hands Laced" - 3rd Place

"Worm's Eye View of a Road" - 3rd Place

"Boy with Blue Collared Shirt" - 2nd Place

"Pink Carnation in a Mist of Pink" - 2nd Place

"Jumping for Joy in a Blue Sky" - 2nd Place

"Rose on Black with Love" - 2nd Place

"Boy with Blue Hat and Joyful Eyes" - 1st Place

"Girl at Window and Rain" - 1st Place

"Red Tulip on Green Ice"- 1st Place

"Scripture by Candlelight"- 1st Place

"Candles in a Row"- 1st Place

"Kiss and Sunflare"- 1st Place

"Boy in Hawaiian Shirt"- 1st Place

And my picture that won Best Of Class:

I won the title for the Computer Enhanced section. This picture ("Red Shoes on a Brick Walk") is from my photo session with my brother and his wife. View here.

This is what my room looks like now:

My plethora of ribbons...

Thank you everyone for encouraging me along my Photography journey. I couldn't have gotten this far without my Parents and Family, Friends and Models, and Supporters and Viewers. Thank you all!

Chrissy <><


Kade said...


Tori said...

Wow! Well done, Chrissy.

Before I saw the inscription, I thought your drawing looked strikingly like Lucy.

You deserve it :)

GlobeMasterOne said...

WOW...that's some "plethora" you "Captured!" at the fair. You worked very hard for it Christine. Congratulations!

Roe Family said...

Wow!!! You did a great job!! So glad you won so many! And I like that a few of the ones with me won!!! lol Keep upi the good work!

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