Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 4th Challange!

Ok, I know, I'm late, but better late than never!

March 4th's assignment was:


Here are some more that I like:

(I didn't realize that I had the setting on a High ISO, so this one is grainy and few others...)

Peter got interested...

Chrissy <><


Name: I Sell Soap. said...

That first picture is just simply awesome.

GlobeMasterOne said...

Christine....if I may call you Chrissy...thank you for your blog. You are SO talented.
I connected with your photography through your friend Abby Sunderland's blog and I was rewarded with this fantastic gallery of photos. I was so impressed with what I saw here that I called my daughter in Toronto who is also studying photography in her spare time to take a look at your work.
I have always had an interest in photography as I was in television and film production for 17 years. I left Toronto and now live on the shores of Lake Ontario 2 hours to the east.
Anyway...I just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best with your future. It certainly looks like you could have a bright career in photography or a life-time hobby ...whatever you choose.
I will be keeping an eye on your blog....especially your "challenge series".
On a final note your photographs with Abby and your friends bring back memories of when my daughter was your age....capture it all on your camera won't regret it.
Regards, john

Christine said...

John - Thank you so much for the encouraging note. I'm so glad that my pictures look "nice". :) I really really really love photography, and I hope that it is my future.
Thank you again!
Chrissy <><

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