Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/20/2010 Photoshoot

So on the 2nd day of our AWESOME Road Trip I was able to do a photoshoot with my gorgeous friend. We had a lot of fun, and I'm soooo glad that I was able to take pictures of her!!!

And what's a photoshoot without outtakes???

Stunning... Absolutely stunning. Love ya JJ!

Chrissy <><


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh girl - gorgeous! You make me look beautiful! Thanks! You're amazing at pics! Love you!!

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hey Chrissy,
It looks like you had a great road trip....and took a great variety of photos. Over a 1000...wow.
The pictures of your friend JJ are FANTASTIC. I love portrait work ...my favorite would be number 11...the close-up of JJ (right frame) leaning against the structure. She is beautiful.
I also like the sunrise shot...rich color in low light conditions. I have been to California many times ....curious where that is?
Thanks for sharing your work. I'll continue to drop by your site.
Oh by the way I saw your request tonight of Abby to photograph the birds she has encountered. Let's see if she comes through (I am sure she will). What a great friend you have there. As a dad I can't imagine what her dad's going to experience emotionally as he hopefully gets to see her rounding the cape possibly on Monday.
Best Wishes to you Chrissy.
john, Ontario, Canada

Christine said...

JJ- Beautiful models make the photographer's job a cinch.

John - Thank you for your comment, It is very encouraging to have constructive feedback. I love #11 as well, it's still on my camera!

The Sunrise picture is in San Jose, and the rest of the pictures are (I believe) in San Fransisco.

I've told Abby to take a whole bunch of pictures, I think I'm running out of ideas! :)I'm praying for her as she rounds Cape Horn. It's so scary! But she's tough. :) Thanks again for the comment!

Chrissy <><

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, but my Christine is the real artist. :)


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