Saturday, December 28, 2013

12/27/2013 Family Session

When I think of people back home who are supportive of my college ambitions, I immediately think of the P. Family. Without their encouragement, college life would be far less enjoyable. Not only was it a joy to take their family pictures, but it was also such a delight to catch up and spend time with them. (Not to mention that they are probably the most photogenic family on this earth - which makes my job even more fun!)
Thank you so much P Family for letting me take your family's pictures - Enjoy!









Erika was happy, and Tim was... well...






Family Band Cover




 Love this one :)

Yours Truly!

They are also the masters of Outtakes....
(I told them to imitate what they think their personality is like...)

Thank you again, P. Family! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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