Friday, May 31, 2013

5/30/2013 Senior Session

I could hardly believe it was time to take Zack's Senior pictures! We traveled a little farther than usual to the Santa Barbara Courthouse, and it was well worth it. The Courthouse holds a lot of good memories from high school as we both competed in forensics - Zack being one of the best Moot Court attorneys I know. Hope this last year of high school holds many good memories and good times for you, Zack! Congratulations!



 .4.                                                                                    .5.


A definite favorite.

.8.                                                                                    .9. 




Making a buck or two...



.16.                                                                               .17. 

Found a friend!

I was squealing at this picture. :)

Mother and Son

Yours Truly!

And there is no good photo shoot without Outtakes - and some James Bond shots. :)

Congratulations Again Zack! God Bless.

Chrissy <><

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