Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/29/2012 Senior Session

Emily - or Em for short: an avid Myers Briggs Test nerd, lover of math, spunky, and fun to take pictures of! I had the great pleasure of taking Emily's Senior pictures this afternoon after driving a ways away to a lovely farm full of picture-perfect niches. I loved getting to know Em better and learning about her speech experiences as well as her future goals. Congratulations on finishing high school!



LOVE this one! 

 .5.                                                                                  .6.






Beautiful dress~


A fav.








-Like a 13oss- 


Yours Truly!

Congratulations again Em! God Bless.


Chrissy <><

1 comment:

basketballmk said...

My dear best friend, you are incredibly gorgeous. And these pictures are great! You got yourself a great photographer for these!

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