Monday, November 21, 2011

Photography Club - Marina

We gathered together for another photography club meeting down at the Marina! We had a fun time hiking under bridges, tip-toeing down gangplanks, and posing in the cutest little village. I love the portraits I got - enjoy looking at them!

Matt and his ninja skills


Sammie                                                                          Emily



Time to....

Love this one



I LOVE the buildings around the Marina! Such a pretty setting for portraits!


Another Fav...


And there was a huge Anchor just sitting there...

Hannah got most of the outtakes - here's two of them. :)


Can't wait for the next meeting!!

Chrissy <><


Emily said...

awesome pictures!!!!

krissy said...

I love the hannah pictures, plus the ones of me. lol Amazing job christine.

Kristy Chandler said...

Amazing!!!! I really wish i was there!!!!!!

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