Monday, July 11, 2011

365 Challenge: Days 184-191


It doesn't seem like the year is half over, it still feels like March to me...

Maybe it's because the weather decided to cooperate only three weeks ago. :-/

Here are days 184-191!

This may seem like a weird shot, but I love it anyway. :)  It seems that most of the "mistake" photos I take turn out to be my favorite ones!

Here I am. Gazing solemnly off into the great unknown. Thinking about my future. And about that cookie Sister promised me...

It was a lovely day 

Did a LOT of sewing that day! You'll soon find out why.

My first Izze. SO GOOD! The reason it's an empty bottle - it was so good I drank it all in one gulp!

Well, not really. :) 

Relaxing on the couch

Might not look like much, but wait until you see the finished product!!

Peace out. :)

Chrissy <><

1 comment:

mary ann said...

I love Izzes! And the first one, mistake pictures are the best.

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