Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Sixteen...

I am 16 years old now!

Mom and Dad told me I could just have a small party with only a few friends. I invited 5-6 friends, and mom and I made little hair flowers for them. After finishing 6, I thought we were all done. But Mom made me make10 more! Hmmm....

Here's the finished product:

Me beforehand

My Friends picking out their flowers

Opening my presents

Ok, so I can't take pictures without taking this shot. :)

You all are so beautiful!


Silly girls... haha!


Yup. They are hilarious. Seriously.


Love you all!


Tori said...

Aw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISSY!!! I had no idea! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Hope this next year is wonderful!

Kade said...

Happy B day! It was a while ago though right? I LOVE the not-so-funny, funny picture. That was great!

Man, In and Out I miss a ton! I wish there were one out here.

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